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SURVEYS on vulnerable groups exposed to HIV on the French Overseas Territories of the Americas” GUADELOUPE, MARTINIQUE, FRENCH GUYANA AND SAINT-MARTIN



Project run by the CHAR of Cayenne

Partners: The University Hospital of Pointe-à-Pitre and the association AIDES have been partners on this project.

The project and results

The stake in KABP surveys has been to identify the specific needs for the vulnerable groups regarding prevention of the HIV / STD and the access to healthcare. For years, prevention plans were built on the results of surveys carried out on the general population and not on vulnerable groups. Very few have targeted vulnerable groups and their needs have not been identified. Yet, to provide an adequate response to the epidemic, it is necessary to know how it spreads and the determining factors which can weaken these populations and act on their health. The answer to the needs of these populations must ensure fairness.

9  coordinators and 62 local investigators were hired and trained to implement these surveys.

Studies have targeted Sex Workers (SW), Men having Sexual Intercourses with Men (MSM), crack users and migrants.

For the first time, surveys of the same type as those implemented in the Caribbean, were have been conducted in the FODAs and Saint Martin towards two or 4 vulnerable groups according to the locations: a total of 3762 persons have participated in these studies, dividing up for 1379 in French Guyana, 1150 in Guadeloupe, 958 in Martinique and 234 in St Martin. Surveys were conducted by the CIC-EC (Pr. M.NACHER)


Project Manager : Enquêtes: Pr Mathieu NACHER

Director of the Investigation Clinic Center- Inserm  1424

Centre Hospitalier Andrée Rosemon de Cayenne


3, rue des Flamboyants BP 6006

97306 Cayenne Cedex

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