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"Organize and implement a transfer of competences in the area of management of PLHIV towards health professionals in Dominica"

This project is supported by the University Hospital of MARTINIQUE

9 people from Dominica have been trained in the multidisciplinary management of PLHIV: 2 people working in the labs (1 technician and a manager), 2 pharmacists, 2 nurses, one of which is in charge of prevention concerning mother to child transmission, 1 chief nurse, 2 physicians, 1 pediatrician, 2 social workers. Instructors along with the team taking care of PLHIV from the University Hospital of Martinique took into account the financial and technical differences in the services and have based the training’s objectives with those of WHO.
The on-site assessment remains to be carried out.

Project Manager : M. Bernard LIAUTAUD
CHU Martinique Pierre Zobda Quitmann
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